The Greatest All-Time Giants Lineup

The San Francisco and New York Giants’ history is rich, maybe the richest in MLB. The only teams that can really even begin to compare are the Yankees and Red Sox. Therefore, it is very difficult to create an All-Time team without there be snubs. However, we are going to attempt to build the greatest Giants team using the all-time greatest giants.


SP Christy Mathewson
SP Juan Marichal
SP Gaylord Perry
SP Carl Hubbell
SP Tim Lincecum

When building the greatest Giants lineup of all time, there are two places on the field that make it almost impossible to narrow down. One of those is starting pitching. You have to start off with the ace, Christy Mathewson. With 373 career wins and an ERA of 2.13, he was only second to CY Young during his time. Then comes the duo of Gaylord Perry and Juan Marichal, two pitchers who were just flat-out dominant during the 1960s. Both Perry and Marichal are Giants legends as well as clear-cut fist-ballot hall of farmers. Next is Carl Hubbell. Someone who is not talked about as much is Giants fandom, but he could arguably be the greatest Giants pitcher of all time. He won two MVPs during the 30s and ended his career with a ridiculous 130 ERA+, 1.166 WHIp, and 3.55 FIP. Lastly, Lincecum. No other Giants pitcher has won two Cy Young awards, and while his dominance came to an end quickly, his time with the Giants and his place during the 2010 World Series run will never be forgotten.


CP Robb Nen
SU Rod Beck
SU Brian Wilson
RP Sergio Romo
RP Greg Minton
RP Gary Lavelle
LRP Madison Bumgarner
LRP Matt Cain

The bullpen was not easy to make up. However, choosing two long relievers to give shout-outs to was rather straightforward. First is Madison Bumgarner, the greatest World Series and Post-Season pitcher of all time. Next is Matt Cain, a man who may not be a Hall of Famer but was incredible and played his entire career out as a Giants ace.

Choosing a closer between the three dominant ones the Giants have had in Nen, Beck, and Wilson was not easy. I gave the nod to Robb Nen as I just do not think the other two can really reach the peak that Nenn did. In 2000 Nenn came in 4th for the Cy Young award and 12th for MVP. That is how dominant he was. Then, I would argue his next two seasons were even better.

Next, we have to discuss three relievers who need credit for their place in Giants history. These are magnificent arms in the pen, Romo, Minto, and Lavelle. All three had periods where they seemed unhittable and simply are exactly what this team need in the late innings.


1. Willie Mays (CF)
2. Mel Ott (RF)
3. Barry Bonds (LF)
4. Willie McCovey (1B)
5. Orlando Cepeda (DH)
6. Jeff Kent (2B)
7. Matt Williams (3B)
8. Buster Posey (C)
9. Travis Jackson (SS)


Bob Brenly (C)
Will Clark (1B)
Larry Doyle (2B)
Kevin Mitchell (OF)
Bobby Thomson (OF)
Bobby Bonds (OF)

I truly believe that no other team could even come close to touching the top-5 of the Giants’ batting order when it comes to all-time greats. You have the greatest player of all-time leading off in Willie Mays. He not only was the best batter of his era, but he is the greatest defensive center fielder of all time. Next is Mel Ott. He recorded 511 home runs and a .304 batting average during a similar time frame as Gehrig and Ruth. Batting third is the second greatest baseball player of all time and the only member of the 500-500 club, Barry Bonds. Whether you get young Barry, who could hit 30 HRs and steal 30 bags, or older Barry, who was the most dominant hitter ever, he is just flat-out scary to face. 4th and 5th are McCovey and Cepeda, two massive power-hitting 1st basemen that were only second to Mays during their time. Both are Hall of Fame bats that are up there with the best of the best.

The bottom of the order is not half bad as well. Jeff Kent is one of the few guys that could actually give Bonds protection during his historic runs in the 2000s. Kent is probably the greatest hitting second baseman of all time. You then have a seriously underrated power threat in Matt Williams. Then, a guy who can simply hit the ball and drive in anyone left is Buster Posey, the greatest Giants catcher of all time. Travis Jackson rounds out the lineup and the middle of the infield.

The bench is also solid, with several MVPs earned. Bob Brenly will be the backup catcher, one of the smartest and well-balanced catchers of his time. Will Clark would be starting if it were not for two hall of farmers in front of him at 1B. Larry Doyle is not a household name, but he’s one of the greatest Giants of all time; he was a versatile fielder and could hit with the best of his time. Kevin Mitchell is one of the most underrated players in baseball. He would supply an MVP-worthy bat and Gold-Glove on the field. While Bobby Tomson is known for the shot heard around the world, he was one of the best hitters in the league. He was a large reason that the Giants were even able to come back during the season and had that playoff against the Dodgers. Lastly, Bobby Bonds, another perennially underrated player who hit for power, average, and had a great glove.