Fantasy Football Cocktails

If you’re anything like me, alcohol is part of the sports experience. Hey, it’s not something I’m proud of, and I do recommend everyone stays within their alcoholic limits, but sports are just a bit more exciting with a little buzz on, right? There is a reason why they play the games on the weekend, it is your time off, so why not relax and enjoy yourself with a drink? You’ve got your iPad open, watching your fantasy tracker, what could be better than a delicious beverage to pair with RedZone channel and your internet accessed device? With this mind, let’s create some fantasy football cocktails eh?

The Denver Broncos Orange Crush Cocktail

In honor of the reigning champs we have a take on a vodka mimosa, that’s guaranteed to

● 2 Parts Orange Juice
● 1 Part Vodka
● 1 Part Carbonated Water (to replicate the fizz of champagne)

Stir gently, and feel free to alter the portions to taste. The more orange juice you use, the better it will taste. But the less Orange juice you use…well the quicker you’re going to get unscrewed.

This is a classic twist on a Screwdriver, some nice Vitamin C for the early games, you know?

Wake yourself up with a breakfast/brunch cocktail. Von Miller approved (not officially, I don’t know Von Miller. Just to clarify).

The Daily Fantasy Casino Cocktail

Daily fantasy leagues are kind of just a roll of the dice, like a casino. This cocktail lets you drink a casino from your living room. Maybe you’ll get lucky in your daily fantasy league with this casino inspired drink.

● 60 ml (2 oz) Gin
● 5ml (1/8 oz) fresh Lemon Juice
● 5ml (1/8 oz) Maraschino Liqueur
● 1 dash The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters

Stir and strain with ice into a cocktail glass.

This drink is a classic gin and juice blend, and will taste very good, even for those who may not enjoy the spiciness of gin drinks. It’s a classic casino cocktail that works both indoors and out, a great refreshment on hot days, and is sure to be a hit with your guests.

The Saintly Brees

This drink comes from the famed Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans, and is named after (obviously), longtime Saints QB and future hall of famer Drew Brees.

● 1 ½ oz. Absolut New Orleans
● ¼ oz. Absolut Mandarin
● 2 oz. Orange Juice
● 1 oz. Pineapple Juice

Stir gently and serve in a cocktail glass with ice.

The Saintly Brees is a tangy, Bourbon Street take on the screwdriver (similar to the Orange Crush Cocktail, but different).

The “Last Place in my League” Cocktail

● Whiskey

Serve on the rocks or neat.

Enjoy this classic cocktail as you watch your garbage team, the same team that you had so much hope for, fall deeper and deeper into fantasy oblivion. Hey, maybe it wasn’t your fault, maybe it was injuries or dumb luck. Either way, you’re going to need a stiff drink– and for my money, this is the stiffest one. Maybe next year buddy, we’ve all been there.

There are a few cocktails– I tried to keep them as simple as possible because, I sort of know the type, and I wouldn’t want to be spending all day making drinks, I want to watch football. These fantasy football inspired drinks should all be quick, easy, and get the job done.