What is a Dynasty League in Fantasy Sports?

Dynasty fantasy sports

Fantasy Sports has a long tradition in the sports world. Ever since the late 20th century, people have been enjoying the game within the game that is fantasy. However, with the explosion of the internet and services available, fantasy sports, especially fantasy football, have become an integral part of the game.

As more people get into fantasy sports, the game has become larger, and that includes in the variety of ways to play. You now have daily fantasy alongside season-long fantasy games, meaning that you no longer have to commit to the long-haul and instead can play in quick games where your lineup is only for the day or week.

However, today were are going to be talking about the opposite end of the spectrum: Dynasty fantasy sports. This is a way to play season-long fantasy that is much closer to how actual teams in your favorite sports are constructed. In fact, I would not even call this season-long fantasy, as it often is a 5+ year commitment and is intended to be a lifelong one.

How Dynasty Fantasy Sports Work

There are several variations of dynasty, including salary, empire leagues, and more. However, the one thing that combines all forms of dynasty fantasy leagues is the fact that, for the most part, the team you draft stays with you through your entire lifetime as the fantasy manager. Similarly to an NFL roster, if you draft a player, that is your player for however long you choose to keep him.

This is a way of playing fantasy for those who love the sport and love the roster construction aspect of the sport. Every one of the trades and roster moves you make will impact your team and the league for years to come. This also makes age a very important factor in decision-making. Will you take a young QB who is proving himself but can be a cornerstone of your roster for 15 years, or will you take Tom Brady and the couple of seasons he has left in the tank.

The one way you really build your team out is through the rookie draft that is held every year. This is common for all dynasty leagues, and it is how you add players to your squad. Many leagues take similar approaches to real-life leagues, where the worst team gets the best rookie pick, and there is no snake. This way, the draft helps balance out the power of the league.

What to Expect When Playing Dynasty Fantasy Sports

As previously stated, you need to be willing to commit to the league for several years if you are joining a dynasty league. Dynasty leagues are hard to fill because you need to get a player to inherit someone’s entire roster. This means that you should be committed, and if creating a new league, you should look for committed fantasy players that you know and trust.

The biggest thing that you need to prepare for is a multi-year rebuild. Now, it happens, you can get unlucky in a startup draft, where your team is just flat out not competitive. You can also just have a team that kind of falls apart due to age or injury. While this is not ideal, you have to be ready to focus on the future. This is something that turns off some players to dynasty, while at the same time what is extremely attractive about dynasty to others.

The way you re-build your dynasty team is by trading your valuable or older players for rookie draft picks and younger talents. It is trading the win-now guys for the future. This is how you set yourself up for a dominant several-year run where you are competitive, and then all of a sudden, you are trading younger players and draft picks for win-now guys. This is dynasty, and there are ebbs and flows to each team for years and years.

Types of Dynasty Leagues

While I am going to use football, just about every major fantasy sport can be played in all of these kinds of leagues when it comes to dynasty.

Normal Dynasty

Normal dynasty is what we have talked about. Your roster is going to be larger 25-30 players for a fantasy football squad. Your players are your players forever until you cut or trade them, and the primary way to build your roster is through the rookie draft.

This dynasty resembles normal fantasy the most, as in you select a starting squad each week, you have waivers each week, and everything is pretty much the same except the roster construction.

Best Ball Dynasty

Best Ball dynasty is starting to become more and more popular. It is almost identical to a normal dynasty league except for how your team is selected each week. In best ball dynasty your score is determined solely based on the best starting lineup possible that week. This means that you do not select your starting lineup.

This has major implications for how to build your roster, as boom or bust guys are much more valuable. It is also very interesting to play as your rosters are so deep, but since anyone can be a contributor, the 24th and 25th guys on your bench are all of a sudden very important.

Empire Dynasty

Empire dynasty can be played in combination with any of the other three mentioned. However, unlike a normal dynasty league, this dynasty league has an endpoint. Empire dynasty usually ends when a team has won 2 or 3 straight championships, essentially creating an “empire”.”This is a great way to play as the never-ending dynasty can be overwhelming for some. This creates a clear goal and endpoint that can be achieved in the league.

Salaried Dynasty

While the closest form to actual NFL roster construction, salaried dynasty leagues are also the most complex. In these leagues, your players will have a salary based on some sort of agreed-upon measure. Some use draft capital, and some use fantasy finishes.

This means that your team will have a salary cap or a max amount of contracts to keep a hold of. Each roster move is much more complex with the salary and contract aspect of the construction. This is a very intensive form of playing but can be very rewarding.

Fantasy Football Cocktails

If you’re anything like me, alcohol is part of the sports experience. Hey, it’s not something I’m proud of, and I do recommend everyone stays within their alcoholic limits, but sports are just a bit more exciting with a little buzz on, right? There is a reason why they play the games on the weekend, it is your time off, so why not relax and enjoy yourself with a drink? You’ve got your iPad open, watching your fantasy tracker, what could be better than a delicious beverage to pair with RedZone channel and your internet accessed device? With this mind, let’s create some fantasy football cocktails eh?

The Denver Broncos Orange Crush Cocktail

In honor of the reigning champs we have a take on a vodka mimosa, that’s guaranteed to

● 2 Parts Orange Juice
● 1 Part Vodka
● 1 Part Carbonated Water (to replicate the fizz of champagne)

Stir gently, and feel free to alter the portions to taste. The more orange juice you use, the better it will taste. But the less Orange juice you use…well the quicker you’re going to get unscrewed.

This is a classic twist on a Screwdriver, some nice Vitamin C for the early games, you know?

Wake yourself up with a breakfast/brunch cocktail. Von Miller approved (not officially, I don’t know Von Miller. Just to clarify).

The Daily Fantasy Casino Cocktail

Daily fantasy leagues are kind of just a roll of the dice, like a casino. This cocktail lets you drink a casino from your living room. Maybe you’ll get lucky in your daily fantasy league with this casino inspired drink.

● 60 ml (2 oz) Gin
● 5ml (1/8 oz) fresh Lemon Juice
● 5ml (1/8 oz) Maraschino Liqueur
● 1 dash The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters

Stir and strain with ice into a cocktail glass.

This drink is a classic gin and juice blend, and will taste very good, even for those who may not enjoy the spiciness of gin drinks. It’s a classic casino cocktail that works both indoors and out, a great refreshment on hot days, and is sure to be a hit with your guests.

The Saintly Brees

This drink comes from the famed Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans, and is named after (obviously), longtime Saints QB and future hall of famer Drew Brees.

● 1 ½ oz. Absolut New Orleans
● ¼ oz. Absolut Mandarin
● 2 oz. Orange Juice
● 1 oz. Pineapple Juice

Stir gently and serve in a cocktail glass with ice.

The Saintly Brees is a tangy, Bourbon Street take on the screwdriver (similar to the Orange Crush Cocktail, but different).

The “Last Place in my League” Cocktail

● Whiskey

Serve on the rocks or neat.

Enjoy this classic cocktail as you watch your garbage team, the same team that you had so much hope for, fall deeper and deeper into fantasy oblivion. Hey, maybe it wasn’t your fault, maybe it was injuries or dumb luck. Either way, you’re going to need a stiff drink– and for my money, this is the stiffest one. Maybe next year buddy, we’ve all been there.

There are a few cocktails– I tried to keep them as simple as possible because, I sort of know the type, and I wouldn’t want to be spending all day making drinks, I want to watch football. These fantasy football inspired drinks should all be quick, easy, and get the job done.

Beginner’s Guide to Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is not only competitive, but also fun and addictive. Before the fantasy season starts, you need to draft players to build strong team and use the best strategies to win matches. If have to improve on a position, acquire free agents and trade players. Continue reading this guide to learn more about fantasy football.

Find a League

Finding a league is the first thing you need to do. There are a number of top sites to play fantasy football. After finding a website you like, you can chose from these leagues:

Head-to-head Leagues-This is a league where teams play against each other every week for a win and loss record that will help them to reach the playoffs

Total points Leagues-In this league, teams use points to advance

Dynasty Leagues-This is a league where team owner retains players from previous years

Salary Cap Leagues-This league is more like Dynasty and the team and players’ salaries are given a maximum budget

Important Draft Reminders about Fantasy Football

The success of your fantasy football team depends on your draft picks. Here are a few draft strategies to help you minimize risk and make the right decisions:

Skill plus opportunity equals success-This is a very important formula to help you draft the best players.

Take RBs early and more often-Although the strategy you will use depends on your draft position, acquiring two RBs during the first three rounds is a great idea.

Get an elite WR within the first three rounds-You also need to acquire a reliable WR to anchor your receiving core for the whole season. But of course this depends on your league.

Avoid the temptation of taking a defense or kicker too early-At the end of the draft, you may find ample depth at these two positions

Draft QBs in the middle rounds-It is not hard to find good quarterbacks in the middle rounds. However, the top ten quarter backs will be drafted before the 10th round.

Understand and learn how to make the most of position runs-When a player from a particular position is chosen, there will typically be a waterfall effect. For instance, when the first team makes the decision to go for a tight end, eventually the rest of the league will be scrambling for high-talent tight ends.

Don’t acquire studs with the same bye week-While it is inevitable for most teams to not have some of their players on the same by week, it is a good idea to not have the best players on the same bye week as this could hamper your success

Stick to your plan-Preparing your cheat sheets was not an easy task, so you need to trust them. Most importantly, you don’t want to be mislead by other coaches into making a mistake

Be opportunistic, still- The draft may not go as you expect, leaving you frustrated. If a player you’ve ranked highly falls to you, don’t hesitate to grab him

Draft potential breakouts late-Picking up an average injury replacement in the course of the season is a great option. In later rounds, grabbing players who may become studs may help you win the league

After drafting your fantasy football team, analyze its strengths and weaknesses. Start creating post-draft strategies that will help you to address issues on your team.

Fantasy Football Tips to Keep In Mind

After completing your fantasy football draft, your job finally begins. The process of coaching your team involves compiling a good lineup each week and choosing players to keep and release. Your coaching decision will either make or break your season. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Don’t panic-Yes, the season is long enough. Think twice before dumping your sleeper picks or trading your studs.

Check the bye weeks of your players-You can’t afford having the best players out of action at any particular event.

Replace injured players-You need to check player updates to ensure that your starting lineup is in shape.

Keep up-to-date on the latest news about football-Some players get suspended or traded to other team. Not having access to this information could work against you.

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your team-You need to understand the needs of your team when drafting players. For example, what positions look good and what positions need improvement.

Keep checking the waiver wire and free agent pool- A player who can be a blessing to your time could be drop and want to be there to pick him.

Take advantage of favorable matchups and stay away from bad ones-The performance of your players will be affected every week by the quality of their opposition, particularly at DEF, K and TE.

Watch Your Win Rate

When playing fantasy football for money, particularly with two, three or more entries, you can win a good amount of money weekly or monthly.

Some leagues allow you to have more than one team, thus increasing your chances of winning. A strategic fantasy football fan who understands his plays and how to line them up can make 50% to 200% per time frame. To make money online from your fantasy football skills, like other sports betting, in this NFL betting season, you will want to wager at the best site.

5 Step Guide to Winning Weekly Fantasy Football Contests

The advent of online weekly fantasy football contests is still a fairly new phenomenon. While it is probably two early to come up with some definitive guidelines for winning fantasy football contests on a consistent basis, there are some common sense steps managers can take to improve their chances of winning. It should be noted that the following steps are intended for use in head-to-head contests only, as the big-dollar mega contests tend to be more of a shot in the dark.

Step 1 – Gather Statistical Information – There is a good reason why professional gamblers and successful fantasy managers use statistical data. The reason is it makes a difference. If a manager doesn’t want to collect data, they should restrict their participation to the mega contests with affordable entry fees. In head-to-head competition, there is very little room for error and statistics help remove some of the guess work about how certain players might perform. There are mounds of stats available for free online. If a manager has the resources, there is a few subscription sites that provide data and some useful analysis to boot.

Step 2 – Scout the Competition – It is important for beginners and novice players to understand there is a significant number of serious head-to-head players who are looking to take advantage of inexperienced souls. Some of the more prominent weekly fantasy sports sites provide user stats (wins/losses/money won) to help managers size each other up. In £5-£10 match ups, it is not as big an issue. It’s those £20-£500 contests that have the professionals trolling for suckers. If user data is available, it should be used. While there is nothing wrong with seeking good competition, the goal is still winning, and managers should avoid other managers that rank significantly higher than themselves. By the way, it’s okay to be the manager taking advantage of new participants.

Step 3 – Develop Money Management Guidelines – While some people consider playing weekly fantasy football to be a game of skill, it’s still a form of gambling that warrants responsible behavior. Each week, it is incumbent on the manager to determine how much they can realistically afford to lose. Affordability should be defined as money that is leftover after the bills are paid and savings has been increased. Any net winnings should be allocated between the next week’s bankroll and the savings account.

Step 4 – Enter Multiple contests – Regardless of how big a bankroll a manager has available each week, the odds say the money should be allocated to several separate contests with equal entry fees. The last thing a manager wants to do is go all in against a hot competitor and lose everything. It’s far better idea to allocate funds over several contests in hopes that at least half of them come back with favorable results. The good weeks will come when a manager gets hot and makes good decisions.

Step 5 – Player Selection – Prior to building one’s roster, the manager needs to read the scoring guidelines as they may vary from one site to the next. The process of selecting players should be done using stats. The best rule of thumb is to focus on offensive players going up against bad defenses while avoiding players going up against the best defenses. Other rules to follow would include looking for streaking players and avoid those is a slump, and be sure to use every dime of the salary cap when possible. While waiting for your weekly fantasy results, you might want to take advantage of some best free bet offers being made by top online sportsbooks. Your free bets can be used to play some of the top matches on the schedule. The best free bet offers are the ones that allow free bets on any sport and type of wager with a low rollover requirement.